Mechanical Locking



This two way mechanism incorporates all the latest technology and is fully patented in the UK and Ireland until 2019.



Product Statement

All ABLOY cylinders use a rotating disc principle and are therefore immune to the practice of “bumping”.
This technique involves the manipulation of the pins inside the lock and, as ABLOY® cylinders do not use pins, this technique is totally ineffective.






The PL300 range meets and exceeds European standards and includes the PL362 our strongest padlock ever, which meets BSEN12320 Grade 6.
With larger bodies to enhance physical strength, superior drill protection hardened steel housing and boron steel shackles, ABLOY® padlocks ensure maximum resistance against physical attack.
Our PL300 range offers enhanced corrosion resistance making them ideally suited for use in the harshest of environmental conditions.
All 300 series padlocks contain 11 discs and all are patent protected. Our flagship products the ABLOY® PL300 range has gained worldwide recognition for its strength and durability and is the first choice for defence, utilities, telecommunication and rail companies in the UK and Ireland.