High Security Strikes



131 Series
Fail locked

331 Series
Fail unlocked


Fail unlocked model designed for locking doors in escape routes
Reliable unlocking under pre side load, max 5,000N (331 Series)
Suitable for primarily timber or steel frames
Strike plate included





                                                                                                                     76 Series and 76-54U Penta
                                                                                                                     Short plate illustrated                                             76-54U Penta


76 Series
76-17 Fail locked
76-37 Fail unlocked
Select short or long plate


Designed with adjustable keeper for simplified installation
Fail locked and unlocked versions
Suitable for wood and aluminium frames
6,500N break-in resistance



76-54U Series
Fail locked/unlocked
Select short or long
Dual function


Optional latch monitoring
Quick change from fail locked to fail unlocked
Dual voltage 12-24V AC/DC
Fully reversible
Factory tested to meet UL1034 for burglary resistance Grade 1
Suitable for wood and aluminium frames